How To Survive Anything
Prep time: 
Total time: 
  • 1. Remain calm.
  • 2. Find someone who knows more than you and ask what to do. [Not news stations that cause more fear.]
  • 3. Understand your standard of living will change and likely decrease. [See #1]
  • 4. Things will seem much easier when you accept #3. [See #1]
  • 5. Assess what you need for life:
  • a. Air [See #1. When you panic, your oxygen intake decreases which dramatically impairs thinking and rate of survival.]
  • b. Protection from the elements [sub-zero or extreme heat]
  • Can you make it through the next 8 hours? [YES]
  • c. Sleep [See #1. Sleep is higher on the list than either food, water, and especially toilet paper.]
  • Can you survive the next 24 hours? [YES]
  • d. Water
  • e. Food
  • Can you make it through the next 2 days? [YES]
  • 6. Start drafting a plan for short-term and long-term survival. If you need practical step-by-step guidelines, this would be a good time to go through your home and take note of what you have. See #1 and #3
  • 7. This is when you get to MacGyver your way out of any situation. [He says this is the fun part.]
  1. Print recipe and review steps 1-6 as often as necessary and realize that the current situation is not cause for much drama.
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